Switch and save today! Green Network Energy offers a great deal on electricity and gas to all Conad clients.

Equal to the average price of the best available offers (on the website “Trova Offerte dell’AEEGSI”), ‘Green Network Energy per Conad’ provides convenient and transparent tariffs,  updated every two months.

Green Network Energy offers to Conad customers, who are holders of the loyalty card ‘Carta Insieme’, the opportunity to sign up to a unique contract for the supply of gas and electricity. The offer can be subscribed online at www.greennetworkenergyperconad.it or by calling our Customer Service on 800.137.011.

Thanks to a pricing simulator, clients can compare “Green Network Energy per Conad” with other suppliers. Upon subscription, Conad clients will also receive complimentary points converted into vouchers or other prizes from the catalogue, valid for the “miPremio” 2017 collection.

Discover the “Green Network Energy per Conad” offer.