Sabrina Corbo awarded the title of 'Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy'

Complimenti Sabrina!

Sabrina Corbo, Executive Vice-President of the Green Network Group, was awarded the ‘Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy’ by the Italian Ambassador to London, Pasquale Terracciano, on behalf of the President of the Italian Republic.

This award celebrates Corbo’s commitment to friendly-relations between Italy and the UK. As well as promoting the cultural prestige of Italy itself.

In 2003, Sabrina Corbo and her husband, Piero Saulli, founded Green Network. A group specialising in the distribution and generation of electricity, with a strong focus on eco-sustainability. The Green Network Group has secured a strong market positioning, with 500 thousand customers, and an annual turnover of more than 2 billion euros!

Corbo has a string of business successes to her name that has allowed her to expand into the UK Market in 2012. She has shown her exceptional dedication to supporting initiatives that promote the cultural and economic excellence of Italy and the UK. Corbo’s generous support and direct participation in fundraising to help reconstruct central Italy after the earthquake has been of special importance.

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