Project Nexus Information

The UK gas industry is going through a period of huge change between 23rd May and 6th of June 2017.

During this period, the Central Data Service Provider for the Britain’s gas market, operated by Xoserve will be upgraded. This change affects all gas suppliers, and thus customers may experience a delay when switching to a different supplier.

This program is being delivered under the banner of ‘Project Nexus’, it aims to:

  • upgrade the gas industry’s data communication system
  • resolve frequent accounting challenges derived from limitations in the current gas settlement process
  • introduce individual reconciliation across all meter points

The objective of the project is to enable UK gas operators to properly manage the introduction of the Smart Meter. The Smart Meter is capable of reading the customer’s gas supply more quickly and accurately than the current meter, helping suppliers to reduce uncertainty and offer more competitive tariffs.

Finally, this initiative will improve the efficiency of communications between suppliers, distribution companies, and grid operators, cutting waste throughout the industry.

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