Green Network 'The future of energy speaks English'

Many people will remember 2016 for Brexit. However, the Green Network Group will remember it as the year it became the 1st Italian gas and power operator in the U.K.

Founded by Piero Saulli, President and CEO, and Sabrina Corbo, Executive Vice President, in 2003, the Green Network Group announced its entry into the U.K. market last June. The company plans to start its power supply operations in the fall, firstly to Italian residents. The company estimates over 1.5 million permanent and temporary Italian residents can count on the established Italian company. Green Network is already operating locally in trading activities, and recently in sales.

The supplier of gas and power to Green Network Energy will be the British energy multinational, ‘BP Gas Marketing Limited. They have an exclusive arrangement with a renewal option until 2019, in which the company will be able to supply gas and power to British end users.

The next 3-year period will be interesting, and may even witness the listing of the company in the Milan Stock Exchange. The mixed Anglo-Italian team working in the city has no shortage of missions to accomplish:

  • expand the number of users to 400 thousand in the UK by 2019, with revenues of £300 million
  • offer transparent tariffs to customers
  • simplify understanding of price issues for clients
  • activate innovative sales channels

The entry into the British market signals an important accomplishment for the company that has always looked to multinational business. This change has even been expressed graphically through a new logo since September 1st, visible online.

There are plenty of challenges for the Group that recorded a net profit of €1.3 million (€4.3 million pre-tax) in 2015. It greeted 2016 by winning the ‘Green Economy Prize’ during the 9th edition of the UK-Italy Business Award. An event through which the British Government and the UK Trade & Investment Agency pay tribute to Italian excellence in culture and business.