Green Network Energy Empowers Roses, Live 2018!

We’re extremely proud to sponsor such a historic event as the Roses! The Roses tournament between Lancaster and York has existed as an annual sports competition since 1965.

This sponsorship ties in perfectly with our strength and determination to push ourselves to the edge. When partnered with the University of Lancaster, we promised to elevate and encourage all the students to up their game, and we delivered on that promise.

The wild and exciting environment blew us away!

It might not be the World Cup Final or the Super Bowl, but the strong and special energy competes, making it a unique event. Students from all different nationalities are united with a common purpose, of working hard and reaching their ultimate.

More than the rush of adrenaline, the students’ strength is ineffable! Training together, whatever the weather, whatever the conditions. Match after match, striving to get better and win the Cup. Crowds of screaming students and families sit glued to their seats for hours on end, watching their favourite team players take on the competition.

As a brand, we strongly identify with the students’ ambition and drive! We see the same focus and energy in the student athletes that we do in our Green Network Energy team.

As an energy supplier we’re here to share our energy; empowering future generations to learn new skills, and carve out their dreams.

At Green Network Energy, we want to provide the power to change the world, as well as the energy to build a more sustainable planet. So, we look forward to supporting and raising awareness to more initiatives like this one!