Green Network Energy supports the Veterinary Clinic and the Wildlife Recovery Centre

For several years, the Wildlife Recovery Centre “Il Nostro Regno degli Animali” and the Veterinary Clinic “Appia Antica” have worked together to protect and help animals in need.

The Centre represents the passion for wildlife of Dr. Umberto Cara, Clinical Medical Director and Surgeon. It covers around six hectares in the Appia Antica Park, consisting of an area dedicated to rescuing injured animals as well as housing them during their recovery.

The Centre is also home to numerous species: birds, small mammals (porcupines, foxes, deer, raccoons, meerkats) and exotic animals confiscated by the Police or rescued by the citizens.

In addition to providing the centre’s power supply, Green Network Energy helped with the creation of a number of cages and aviaries.

In the future, with Green Network Energy support, the Centre plans to build even more cages and expand the farm to have an educational school program.

So watch this space!