B1.1 public rating confirmed for Green Network S.p.A.

Cerved confirms B1.1 rating for Green Network

The B1.1 public rating assessment by Cerved Rating Agency describes in brief the capacity of the Green Network Group in meeting its financial commitments. It is issued following Regulation (EC) 1060/2009, its subsequent amendments and integrations, which represents an opinion relating to credit.

Green Network S.p.A, founded in 2003, performs a key role in the gas and power free market. Its activities relate to trading, sale to end users, power generation from renewable sources and energy efficiency projects. The company is a leading market player by total volumes sold, and the capital base is continuously strengthened by reinvesting profits into the company.

Green Network S.p.A. is the parent company of a group whose goal is to increase the sale of gas and electric power in the mass market to households and small businesses. Its main aim is to improve the profitability of its client portfolio.

To this end, the company will focus on activities such as cross-selling through partnerships with financial operators and others, availing the web and expanding the advertising investments.

The hardware and software platforms for managing gas and power sales to end users have been completed, with the clearance process for operating in the retail market in the UK ending. Plus, in mid-October 2016, operations were commissioned with the goal of reaching the 100-thousand clients threshold during the 1st year.