Ho una tariffa “fixed” – Perche’ i pagamenti vengono presi in anticpio?

We ask you to pay in advance for your energy because we pay for it in advance.

To offer you a fixed price for a year or longer, we buy or secure most of the energy you tell us you'll need for the length of your contract in advance, before you've used it.

We then charge customers an equal amount each month. This means over the full contract period, you’re likely to use more energy in winter than you’ve payed for, and vice versa. However, this should balance out over the contracted term.

This can help you with budgeting, as it generally prevents you receiving various bill amounts over your contract.

We use meter readings, weather information and other industry data to review your accounts and payments at least twice a year to help us make changes to Direct Debit amounts (up or down). However, on a fixed contract the actual price customers pay for the units of energy won’t change.

The Direct Debit amount will only change if customers use more or less energy than they told us.

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