Submitting Meter Readings

Joining the Green Network Energy Family

Congratulations on switching to Green Network Energy. To get you started we need you to provide a meter reading on the day we start supplying you, this is known as your opening read.

We can accept an opening read a few working days either side of your supply start date. However, it’s important not to leave it too late otherwise we may not be able to use it. We will send you an email reminder as part of the switching process.

You can submit opening reads using your online account, our App or by calling customer services. As opening reads are time sensitive, we do not recommend that you send them via email.

When we receive your reading, it is sent out for validating by independent third parties who check it against the meter read history. Once validated we’ll use it to open your account and it will also be sent to your old supplier to close your old account.

If we don’t receive an opening read or it’s submitted too late or if the read isn’t validated then an estimated read will be provided by the industry third parties, which we will use to open your account and your old supplier will use to close your account.

It is sometimes possible to dispute estimated opening reads, if there is a large enough variance between the actual read and the estimate, however it may not always be successful. If the variance is too small, as determined by industry guidelines, we may not be able to raise a dispute.

Regular Meter Readings

By sending us regular meter readings, we can improve the accuracy of your bills.

We send reminders every three months just before your bills/statements are due to ask you for readings. However, you are free to provide meter readings as often as you like, for example monthly.

If we don’t receive readings or we’ve already started to produce your bill/statement before we get the reading, then we may use an estimate. If we do use estimates then providing us with reads after you’ve received your bill/statement will help us adjust your usage on your next bill/statement.

The quickest way to do this is to log in to your account and submit your readings online. When you submit readings through the portal we carry out some validation checks, which are in line with industry standards to try to make sure the readings are correct.

Sometimes, particularly if you are using our App, if the readings are much lower or much higher than we’re expecting then you won’t be able to submit them directly and have to contact us. We understand this can be frustrating and we’re currently looking at ways to improve our customer's experience.

We also sometimes get readings from other sources, such as meter readers or direct from industry. Find out more.

Moving Home

We know there’s a lot to think about when moving to a new house. However, remembering to take meter readings on the day you move out or as close to the day you’re moving out as possible will help us calculate your final bill.

If you can't provide us with readings then we’ll use an estimate, based on the meter history we have and other relevant information, to calculate your final bill. If you wish to dispute the estimate used, then we will ask for evidence to support your dispute.

Leaving Green Network Energy

We'll be sorry to see you go.

If you’re leaving Green Network Energy to go to another supplier, then you’ll need to provide your new supplier with readings on the day they take over supply. These readings will be sent to us by your new supplier via the industry’s Data Transfer Network, once they are validated by an independent third party.

If you don’t provide readings to your new supplier or they are submitted too late or they are not validated, then an estimated read will be provided by the industry third parties, which we will use to close your account and your new supplier will use to open your account. If you want to dispute this reading you will need to raise the dispute with your new supplier.

If you have further questions regarding meters or meter reading, please visit our Help Centre or contact us.

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