100% renewable electricity - where does it come from?

For every unit you use, we buy the equivalent in renewable electricity!

Renewable electricity is generated from several sources including: wind, solar, wave, tidal, hydro, biomass, waste to energy and geothermal energy. If everywhere in the world transitioned to 100% renewable electricity, greenhouse gas emissions would go down to zero!

In Italy, we have a strong history of developing renewable energy projects; you can read more about them here. We’re not currently generating energy from renewables in the UK, however we do have tariffs backed by 100% renewable electricity.

Renewables make up part of the electricity generation method used in the UK, which also includes nuclear and fossil fuels, like gas and coal. However, when electricity is generated, it normally gets mixed together on the national grid, which means that no electricity supplier can trace the origins of the actual electricity from generator to customer.

Suppliers who want to provide the options to customers to buy renewable energy can either buy energy directly from renewable energy generators, or purchases certificates to prove how much they have bought.

At Green Network Energy we currently buy certificated energy called REGOS or ‘Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin’ to show how much renewable electricity we have bought versus how much we have sold to customers.

So, although we can’t guarantee that what ends up in your home will be directly from renewable electricity sources – no supplier can – we can show that for every unit you use, we’ve bought the equivalent amount of renewable electricity.

Find out more about REGOS

Are All Green Network Energy Tariffs 100% Renewable Electricity?

The short answer is no. Only our ‘Green’ tariffs have 100% renewable electricity and this is stated in the tariff description. If you want to be green like us, look for tariffs with ‘100% Renewable Electricity’ stated clearly.

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