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    The Green Network Energy Mobile App allows you to manage your account, keep track of bills and payments, submit your meter readings and see the details of your tariffs. The latest version offers a smother and user-friendly navigation, so you can manage your energy account in a fast and easy way.


    The App can be downloaded from the Apple Store or from Google Play.


    Once the App has been opened, a “login” page appears. To log in use the same USERNAME and PASSWORD used in the “Accounts” section of our website. If you have not registered your online account you will need to do this before you can use the App. If this is your first time using the app then you will be able to follow a quick tutorial containing useful information to help you navigate the app.


    When you log in for the first time you will have the option to use Touch ID, if your device supports this.


    greennetworkenergy app
    Managing your meter readings is now faster and simpler!

    With the introduction of the optical recognition, submitting your meter readings has never been so easy.

    You can submit your meter readings in 2 different ways:

    1. You can scan your meter readings, by simply taking a picture.
    2. You can manually type it into your smartphone or tablet.

    You’ll also find a link to our handy “Meter Reading Guides” if you need some extra help.

    To submit your meter readings via the app, you will need to access the “Accounts” page, select the account you would like to update and pick the respective type of energy (gas or electric). After inputting your reading, you will need to select the date and submit it.

    For those hard to see meters try our handy torch function to help you read your meter in the darkest places.

    Remember that keeping your meter readings up to date will guarantee that you pay accurately for what you use.

    greennetworkenergy app
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    greennetworkenergy app

  • 4. USAGE
    On the “Usage” page you will be able to access information related to the account selected, such as:

    • Your Next Payment: Showing amount, date and payment method
    • Estimated Consumption of Gas and Electricity: This is the amount of electricity and gas you are estimated to use annually.
    • Up to Date Current Usage: This is the amount of electricity and gas you have used since the start of your contract (based on the information you have provided).


    greennetworkenergy app
  • 5. MAIN MENU
    By choosing the “Menu” these options will be displayed:

    ACCOUNTS – Tap here to open the Accounts section

    USAGE – Tap here to open the Usage section

    BILLS AND PAYMENTS – Tap here to open the Bills and Payment section

    DETAILS – Tap here to open the Details section

    TARIFF – Tap here to open the Tariff section

    PREVIOUS READINGS – Tap here to open the Previous Readings section

    SETTINGS – Tap here to make changes to your app settings

    CHANGE PASSWORD – Tap here to manage your password

    HELP – Tap here to visit the “help centre” section of our website

    CONTACT US – Tap here to visit the “contact us” section of our website if you need to get in touch

    DISCLAIMER – Tap here to read our legal disclaimer

    Under this section, you will have 3 options:

    • Set up your preferred language (English or Italian)
    • Choose to receive notifications to help manage your account
    • Choose the Touch ID option to log in with your fingerprint

    greennetworkenergy app
    On the “Bills and Payments” page you will have the option of a viewing tab for your bills or payments.

    In the “Bills” tab you can view your previous bills and download PDF copies.

    In the “Payments” tab you will be able to view your next payment amount, due date, payment method and your payment history.

    greennetworkenergy app

    greennetworkenergy app
  • 8. DETAILS
    Here you will get access to a summary of your account and personal details.

    greennetworkenergy app
  • 9. TARIFF
    A summary of your tariff information. “Dual fuel” customers can toggle between fuels using the tabs at the top of the screen.

    greennetworkenergy app
    On the “Previous Readings” page you will be able to view your meter reading history, related to the account selected, and submit your meter readings.


    previous_reading (1)




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