Meter cheating doesn’t save money. It costs lives.



Energy Theft is a dangerous crime.

That's why at Green Network Energy, we are part of a group that includes many of the UK’s main energy companies.
We have come together to tackle the dangers of energy theft by creating an anonymous reporting service called stayenergysafe.

This independent service is provided for members of the public,
landlords, business owners and employees that may be concerned about the dangers of energy crime.

Not only is energy theft illegal, it is also dangerous to ignore. If you suspect energy theft you can report it by:

  • calling the anonymous stayenergysafe reporting phone line on 0800 023 2777
  • filling out the anonymous online form at

If you want to find out more information regarding energy theft, please visit the stayenergysafe website at

Energy theft is a crime that harms us all, please help all of us to stayenergysafe.

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