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What is energy theft?  

Energy theft or meter cheating is when someone tampers with a gas or electricity meter, so it doesn’t record the energy use correctly.   

It’s a criminal offence to tamper with meters and can lead to a fine and a prison sentence.   

More importantly, meddling with meters is extremely dangerous and can put yourself and family at serious risk. It can cause shocks, severe burns, sudden fires, and even explosions.  

How to spot if a gas meter’s been tampered with: 

  • Extra wires or rubber piping where the meter should be  
  • Meter is back to front  
  • Credit has run out but there’s still gas  
  • Meter dials are stuck, or the dials disappeared  
  • Burning smell coming from the meter   

How to spot if an electricity meter’s been tampered with: 

  • No casing or the casings damaged  
  • Extra wires coming from the meter  
  • Credit has run out but there’s still electricity available   
  • Meter dials are stuck  
  • Part of the meters been melted or has burn marks 
  • There’s a burning smell coming from the meter 

How to report an energy crime  

If you think someone is stealing gas or electricity, you can contact stayenergysafe (run by Crimestoppers) 

This independent service is for the public, landlords, business owners and employees that may be concerned about the dangers of energy crime. 

Not only is energy theft illegal, but it is also dangerous to ignore.  

If you suspect energy theft you can report it by: 

With around 150,000 cases of energy theft a year, we want to keep our customers safe from the dangers. That’s why we’re supporting Crimestoppers energy safe initiative.