Priority Services Register

Our Priority Services Register is for customers who may need extra support in special circumstances

You can apply for the PSR, or a family member or carer can apply on your behalf if you’re: 

  • Of pensionable age 
  • Visually impaired or have hearing difficulties 
  • Disabled or chronically ill 
  • Experiencing a serious short-term illness or injury 
  • Living with children under the age of 5 
  • Experiencing mental health issues 
  • Living with learning difficulties 
  • Unable to speak English 
  • Having trouble due to life-changing events (things like, an operation, pregnancy, or bereavement) 

How can the PSR help? 

Depending on your circumstances, we can help by: 

  • Sending an engineer to read your meter every three months free of charge, giving them a password so you can verify their identity 
  • Nominating a friend, family member or carer to look after your energy account  
  • Arranging a family member, friend or carer to receive a copy of your bills, who can help you understand them 
  • Sending bills in adapted forms like braille, large print or on a CD for you to listen to 
  • Giving you notice if we know about a planned power cut, this is particularly important if you rely on electricity for medical equipment 
  • If you have a prepayment meter, we may be able to move it so it’s easier to reach 
  • Carrying out annual gas safety checks if you are eligible to receive one 

How can I apply to the PSR?

If you'd like to join the Priority Services Register or find out if you’re able to apply, please contact us via: 

The PSR is completely free and confidential. When you sign up, you consent to your data being stored on our secure systems.  

We never share your data for marketing purposes. But we may share it with companies who supply and maintain the gas, electricity and water supply to your home. Including: 

  • Meter operators 
  • Engineering partners 
  • Network operators  
  • Water and sewage companies  

This allows them to give you the correct support if there is a power cut and advanced notice if there's work that will affect your supply.

You can read more about how we protect your personal data in our privacy notice.  

Visit the Citizens Advice website for more information about getting extra support from your supplier

Your water company may also provide free support services like ours. Contact your water supplier to find out more. 

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