Topping Up

How Do I Top Up?

Your key/card has been programmed with your information and tariff and it is unique to your account. For this reason, you must register your new key/card before using it.

To do so, insert the key/card into your meter for up 60 seconds.

You must do this before purchasing credit for the first time, as this will ensure all the correct information is transferred to your meter. Please note once the electricity key and/or the gas card is inserted it will wipe any existing available credit on the meter.

As soon as you’ve activated your new key/card, you can start to top up your meter. You’ll find a list of your nearest outlets in the letter we sent with your key/card.

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For electricity, you can top up at any PayPoint or Payzone outlet and for gas, you can top up at these outlets and at the Post Office.  To check online for you closet outlets, just type your postcode into their website:

Once you‘ve topped up at one of the outlets you then need to insert your key/card into your prepayment meter for the credit to be added. To ensure that you are being charged for your energy on your tariff with Green Network Energy, you need to use your Green Network Energy key/card only.

If you use an old key/card from a previous supplier, you will be charged for energy on your old supplier’s rates rather than your new rates.

Please be aware of fraudsters. It’s extremely important that you top-up your key/card at only authorised outlets and never from an uncredited branch or person. It’s also important, to keep your receipt each time you top up, to prevent any problems.

Adding Credit to The Meter is simple

After you top up your key/card, please insert your key or card into the relevant meter and follow the instructions on the meter screens:

  • Electricity Meters

Just insert your topped-up key into your meter. The screen will soon show the amount of credit you have paid.  The meter will make a bleeping sound once the credit has gone onto the meter and will flash the new credit balance on the display screen. We strongly recommend waiting a couple of seconds, to ensure all the correct information is transferred to your meter.

  • Gas Meters

Simply insert your gas card into the meter, ensuring that the gold coloured chip on the card faces towards the meter display or to the top of the meter, depending on the model of your meter. To transfer your credit to the meter, just press the Red Button A.

The meter will make a bleeping sound once the credit has gone onto the meter, then the meter screen will change to “ON” and your gas credit will have transferred. Once you have completed this, the meter will also display how much credit you have available.

What is the maximum or minimum amount I can add to my key/card?

This can depend on where you top up, as different outlets have different minimum and maximum amounts, in general:

  • The minimum top up is £1.
  • You can add up to £49, per top up.

The biggest amount your electricity meter can hold is £255.99 and your gas meter will only show up to three digits on the screen (£999). However, we recommend you only top up your meter with small amounts of credit at one time.

What should I do if my payments don’t show up on the meter?

If your meter is not displaying the correct topped up amount, please check if:

-  The screen is displaying any error codes.

-  You used the emergency credit and need to repay it.

-  There is a build up of standing charges you need to repay.

- There is any debt you need to repay.

You will always need to top up enough credit to cover your energy usage, daily standing charges, and any debt repayments.

We recommend that you keep an eye on your weekly energy usage, especially in the winter– when your consumption tends to increase. This way, you’ll be able to easily see the amount you'll need to top up by, as well as gain more control over your energy, to avoid the use of the emergency credit or build-up any debt.

Please contact Customer Services if you believe you’re on the wrong tariff and/or your credit is not being added to your prepayment meter correctly.

What happens if my prepayment meter runs out of credit?

Don’t worry, if for some reason, you can’t top up your key/card with credit, you may need to use your emergency credit.

If you run out of credit and you can’t get to a shop to buy a top-up, don’t panic. For prepayment customers with us we provide £5 of emergency credit to tide you over for a while. You can only use the emergency credit once the credit balance on your electricity/gas meter has reached £3.

However, after using your emergency credit, you will need to pay it back the next time you insert your key/card into the prepayment meter. Remember that the amount you top up also needs to cover your everyday use, any build-up of standing charges and any repayments you’re making.

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