Repaying Debt

A prepayment meter is a great way to pay off any outstanding debt you have with us, as the outstanding amount can be applied to the meter.

Your meter will collect any unpaid balances at the rate agreed when the meter is installed. You can also bring over any outstanding debt below £500.00 from your previous supplier under the Debt Assignment Protocol (DAP).

To repay an outstanding balance, we first agree on a weekly amount that will be taken through your meter, at an affordable rate for you.

  • Your electricity meter will deduct the outstanding debt first, so you must ensure you top-up with enough credit to cover your weekly repayment amount, your energy use, plus the standing charges and any emergency credit if used.
  • Your gas meter will take a weekly amount of any debt you owe us. A portion of any top up will always go towards ensuring you have some supply from the credit purchased, regardless of the amount of debt owed.

Keeping Track of My Debt

The meter screens can easily help you keep track of how much you’ve paid towards your outstanding bill and how much is left to pay.

Track your debt on your Electricity Meter:

  • Screen S – will always indicate the total amount of the debt you owe. If you have no debt, the display will show zero.
  • The meter will show a debt balance up to £255.99, however, the meter can hold larger amounts.

Track your debt on your Gas Meter:

  • To see how much you need to charge your gas meter, you’ll need to press the Red Button A – it will display your debt. This is the debt which the meter has accumulated through a combination of accrued standing charges and emergency credit debt.
  • The gas debt, which we apply to your meter is shown on the screen 27 of the meter.
  • When crediting your meter keep in mind that the meter will take 70% of your top up credit to recover any debt that you might have and 30% for your energy consumption.
  • Any remaining credit is used to repay emergency credit and/or standing charge debt.
  • Depending on the amount owed, the emergency credit and/or standing charge may not be repaid in full – this will then have to be recovered at a later date.

What if I don’t top-up and miss a weekly payment? 

If possible, please try to top-up your prepayment meter as soon as possible. If you are unable to do so, your electricity meter will build up any debt that you’ll need to pay back.

Once you’ve run out of credit on your meter, your supply will be switched off and you’ll need to make sure you add enough credit to get your supply back.

Your gas meter will build up the debt and will deduct a higher amount when you do add enough credit to your meter. Which means that if you don’t keep up the agreed repayment schedule, you fall into what’s known as ‘Time Based Recovery’.

What happens in Time Based Recovery? 

During this time, when your gas meter detects that no top up has been made:

  • If you fall behind 1 weeks’ worth of payments the meter will take one seventh (1/7) of your weekly payments at 2 am between the Wednesday and the following Tuesday.
  • If you fall 2 Weeks behind, the meter will take two-sevenths (2/7) at 2 am on Wednesday and the following Tuesday
  • This will continue until you have caught up with your weekly payments.

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