Prepayment Price Change

What is the Prepayment Price Change in October 2017?
Ofgem announced it would be launching a Prepayment price change in August 2016. This is a response to remedies proposed by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), following its 2 year investigation into the energy market.
Ofgem has updated the level of the prepayment price change, or safeguard tariff. This will cut bills for around 3 million households by up to £19 a year based on typical consumption. It limits the cost of electricity and gas you’ll pay for your energy on a prepayment meter.
Who is affected by the Price Change?
If we ever increase our current prices for all Prepayment customers, you will receive an email or a letter from us with all the specific details.
How can you pick up the price Change?
The price change will be sent as a message through the local retail outlet which you use to top up your electricity key and gas card.
The message will be available to pick up from the 1st October and all you need to do is top up as normal. Once the message has been picked up, the next time you put your key/card into the meter it will update the settings and you will see the price change on your meter.
For electricity, you can top up at any PayPoint or Payzone outlet and for gas, you can also top up at these outlets and at the Post Office. To check online for your closet outlets, just type your postcode on their website:
To ensure that you are being charged for your energy on your tariff with us, you need to use your Green Network Energy key/card only.
If you use an old key/card from a previous supplier, you will be charged for energy on your old supplier’s rates rather than your new rate.
Please be aware of fraudsters. It’s extremely important that you top-up your key/card at only authorised outlets and never from an uncredited branch or person. It’s also important, to keep your receipt each time you top up, to prevent any problems.

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