How to read your prepayment meter

Do I need to send you regular meter readings?

You only need to send us your opening meter reading when you first switch to us. We’ll send a reminder five days before we need it and you then have ten days to submit it.

After this, every time you top up your prepayment meter, we automatically receive a reading.

But occasionally, we may need to ask you to read your meter. If we do, use the guide below to understand the different screens on your prepayment meter.

Press the blue button A to pass through the different screens. On the left-hand side of the display, a letter will change each time you change screen.

Screen A

The current amount of credit on your meter.

Screen B

If you’re off supply, this shows the amount of credit you need to top-up to repay the emergency credit and built up standing charge.

Screen E

The total amount of credit you’ve put on the meter to date.

Screen F

The total standing charge and debt collection amount (if applicable) your meter will take each week.

Screen G

The total amount of electricity in kWh your meter has used ever.

Screen H

Your current meter reading in kWh. (Only read the numbers before the decimal point).

Screen I

Your price per unit of electricity. This is rate 1 if you have a two-rate meter.

Screen J (Two-rate meters only)

This is your rate 2 reading.

Screen K (Two-rate meters only)

Your price per unit of electricity. This is rate 2 if you have a two-rate meter.

To see the next few screens, your key will need to be inserted into your meter:

Screen R

How much emergency credit you have available if you need it.

Screen S

The total amount of debt on the meter.

Screen T

The amount of debt the meter will take weekly (your weekly repayment amount).

Press the red button A to cycle through the first few screens:

Screen 1

The current amount of credit on your meter.

Screen 2 (‘OWED’)

The amount of credit you owe, made up from any emergency credit used and built up standing charges.

Screen 3 Meter Index

Your current meter reading.

To see the next screens, press the red button A until you hear a beep. Then press the red button A again to pass through the next few screens.

Please note, if your meter display has turned off, press the button A once to wake it up. Then press and hold until you hear the beep.

Screen 00

The last amount of credit you topped up.

Screen 01

The last amount you paid towards any debt.

Screen 02

The last amount used for repaying emergency credit.

Screen 03

The last amount used for your gas supply.

Please note Screens 01, 02, 03 should add up to Screen 00

Screen 9 or 10

Your gas unit price (in pence per kWh).

Screen 17

Your daily standing charge rate.

Screen 21

Shows when emergency credit will become available (£1 for gas ).

Screen 22

Shows the amount of emergency credit you can use (£5 for gas and electricity).

Screen 24

The gas debt recovery rate; the percentage of credit used to pay off debt.

Screen 25

The minimum weekly amount that will be taken for gas debt.

Screen 26

The maximum weekly amount that will be taken for gas debt.

To see the next screens insert your gas card:

Screen 27

The total amount of gas debt owed on the meter which we apply to your meter if you have weekly debt repayments.

Screen 31

The total amount of non-gas debt owed on the meter made up of standing charges and emergency credit.

The following screens are only found on Libra branded meters with your card inserted:

Screen 32

The last six numbers of your gas card.

Screen 33

The last credit adjustment (the last time money was added using a code).

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