Emergency Credit

What is the Emergency Credit?

If you run out of credit and you can’t get to a shop to buy a top-up, don’t panic!

With Green Network Energy you have £5 of emergency credit to tide you over for a while. However, keep in mind that Emergency Credit must be repaid back in full when you top up next. You can only use the emergency credit once the credit balance on your electricity/gas meter has reached £3.

To activate your emergency credit on your electricity meter, you need to remove the key and re-insert it– the letter E will then be displayed. On your gas meter, when the emergency credit is required, just put your card in the meter and press the red button – your meter will display “EMCR IN USE”.

If you have used all your emergency credit, make sure you add enough credit the next time you top up, to cover:

  • The emergency credit you owe.
  • Any standing charge you’ve accumulated and debt repayment owed. Plus, the electricity or gas energy you need until your next top-up.

How do I pay back the Emergency Credit?

Paying back the emergency credit on your electricity meter:

  • If you use the emergency credit on your electricity meter, you will need to repay it in full before any of your top up money goes towards energy consumption.

Paying back the emergency credit on your gas meter:

  • With your gas meter, only 70% of your top up will go towards repaying your emergency credit (and other debt), so 30% will always be available for your fuel supply.

What Happens If I’ve Used All My Emergency Credit?

If you’ve used all of your emergency credit, your gas or electricity supply will be shut off and you will be “off supply”. This means that your credit will go down to zero, your gas meter will display the word “owed” beside your balance and your electricity meter will display a negative balance. The amount will continue to grow until you top up with enough money to cover all the debt you have built up on your meter.

When this happens, you will need to top up your key/card in your nearest outlet and add credit as soon as possible. Make sure you buy enough credit to cover:

  • The emergency credit used.
  • Repay the standing charges you’ve built up and cover any existing debt you might have.
  • Pay for your electricity or gas supply until your next top up.

Keep in mind that your debt will continue to grow until you top up enough to pay it off, as the standing charges will build up a debt balance in your meter. For this reason, we recommend keeping a bit of credit on the meter to avoid the supply switching off.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with us, as soon as possible, on 0800 520 02 02.

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