Your bills and statements

We will send you a statement showing your energy use and payments every three months. You can view your payment history and statements in your online account.

A standing charge is a fixed daily amount added to your bill to cover maintenance and other running costs of keeping you connected to the network. You always pay the standing charge, regardless of how much energy you use and even if you have a smart meter.

A unit rate is a price you pay per unit of gas and electricity, which is shown in pence per kWh (p/kWh).

You can find a breakdown of your standing charge on page two of your bill under ‘Your charges in detail’. You can also find the unit rate on page two and three of your bill under ‘About your tariff’.

Or you can easily view your standing charge and unit rate under the ‘My tariff’ tab on your online account.

Sometimes you may receive a revised bill or statement.

This usually happens when we receive new information about your energy usage, such as meter readings. When this happens, we recalculate how much energy you've used and produce a new bill to reflect that. This is the revised bill, which may cover more than one billing period.

If your revised bill includes charges from previous billing periods, we'll credit the money back into your account. This means you're not charged twice for the same energy.

You will find this on page one of your new bill, with the reference 'Offset bill'.

Why have I received a revised bill?

Estimated reads replaced with actual reads

This is the most common reason for an amended bill.  If your previous bill was estimated, we would have recalculated your bill to reflect your energy use using the meter reads provided.

Resolved meter reading dispute

If there has been an ongoing read dispute between your old or new supplier, once a reading has been agreed, you'll receive a new bill. Find out more about meter read disputes here.

Updated meter details

If your meter has been exchanged, the industry databases will need to be updated with the new details.

We then may have to send you a revised bill to include the new or updated meter details.

For revised bills, please note that we only show the latest version on your online account.

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