Paying in advance

When you switch over to us, we take your first payment on or just after your supply start date (SSD), so your account opens in credit.

So if we started to supply you on the 6 January, your monthly payments would be on or just after the 6th of each month.

The payment you make is equal to the amount of energy we think you will use during the month. To calculate this we divide by 12 your estimated yearly energy consumption.

Please note that if you are in credit with your old energy supplier, they will only charge you up until the day before we’ll start supplying you.

Once your old supplier issues your final bill (which can take up to six weeks), you should receive any credit back. So you won’t be paying for the same energy twice.

You can find your SSD in your welcome pack. On page four, you can also find the date of your first Direct Debit payment, if applicable.

To offer you a fixed price for a year or longer, we buy most of the energy you will need for your contract in advance before you have used it.

This helps us to keep costs low and lets us offer you the best available price. We then charge you an equal amount each month.

This means that over the full contract, in some months you will use more energy than you have paid for and in other months you will use less. This should balance out over the contract term.

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