Why have I had a payment come out on my supply start date / why do you take payments in advance?

We ask you to pay in advance for your energy because we buy the energy in advance to give you the best available price. To offer you a fixed price for a year or longer, we buy or secure the majority of the energy you will need for the length of your contract in advance before you have used it. We then charge you an equal amount each month. This means that over the full contract, in some months you will use more energy than you have paid for and in other months you will use less; therefore, this should balance out over the contract term.

We believe this helps you with budgeting as it should prevent you receiving higher bills in some months and lower bills in others. Twice a year, or whenever we realise that you are consuming less or more energy than expected, we adjust your monthly payment to ensure you won’t end up in debt or in credit at the end of the contract.

When switching to Green Network Energy, your first payment will be taken on your supply start date. As this is a payment made in advance, you will not be paying twice for the same energy used in a month.

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