Fixed or Variable Tariffs

Fixed Tariff

If you have a fixed-price tariff then your prices will not increase for the duration of that fixed term. Your welcome pack will tell you when the fixed-price term ends.

To allow you time to decide, we will contact you before your fixed-price term ends so you can choose to either: start a new fixed-price term contract, move to our variable tariff or move to a new supplier. At the end of your existing fixed term tariff if you don’t tell us otherwise or find a new supplier then you’ll move to our variable tariff.

We will never automatically roll you over onto another fixed-term tariff.

Variable Tariff

With a variable tariff, the price might change depending on what is happening in the energy markets. If we need to change the tariff, we will contact you in advance.

If the price of the tariff increases, you will have 30 days in which you can choose to accept the higher prices, move to one of our fixed price tariffs or move to another supplier.

If you don’t tell us what you want to do then you’ll be liable to pay the higher price. On a variable tariff you can leave us any time and there are no penalty or exit fees.

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