Moving home with a prepayment meter

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Please get in touch with us if you’re moving out or into a home with a prepayment meter. You can call us on 0800 520 0202, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

If you’re moving out, please contact us and give the following information so we can bill you for the correct dates and close your account:

  • The date you’re moving
  • A meter reading from that date
  • Your new address

If you have debt on your meter, we’ll let you know how you can sort this. Which will either be through a one-off payment or monthly instalments.

If you want your new home to be supplied by GNE…

Take meter readings and photo of displays from the day you moved in to make sure you don’t pay for the previous owner’s charges.

Then contact the existing energy supplier telling them you are the new tenant/owner. Give them the meter readings and let them know you’ll soon be switching away.

They will have to set you up an energy account with them, as a switch usually takes 21 days, and you’ll probably need to top up before then.

If your new home is supplied by GNE and you want to stay…

If your new home is supplied by us and you want to stay, great! Please get in touch so we can set up your energy account and send you a new electricity key or gas card.

If you have access to the previous owner’s electricity key or gas card, you can use these in the meantime until you receive your new key/card.

Here are a few other things we suggest you do:

  • Take a meter reading from the day you moved in
  • Check the debt displays and take photos so, if you pay towards the previous owner's charges we can investigate and issue credit if needed. Please refer to our PPM Guide for display information.

Once you’re all set up, we’ll wipe any outstanding debt or credit on the meter from the previous owners.

If your new home is supplied by GNE and you want to switch away…

Give us a call as we’ll need to set you up with an account before you can start your switch. Once we’ve set you up with an account, you can contact the supplier you wish to switch to and start the process.