Submitting meter readings

We always want to bill you as accurately as possible, so we ask you to send us regular meter readings.

Ideally, you’ll send us a reading once a month, which you can send quickly through your online account or GNE app.

We will also send you a reminder every three months, just before your bill is due.

If you can’t send us meter readings, we’ll create your bill by estimating the amount of energy you’ve used since your last reading. Then when you send us a meter reading, we’ll adjust your next bill to reflect your actual energy use.

If you have a smart meter, you can check whether it is sending us readings automatically by looking at your meter reading history in the app or portal. If you see readings with ‘SMR’ next to them, it means we are automatically receiving readings, and you don’t need to provide them.

To work out the most exact estimate for you, we take a few things into account:

  • Your historical energy use from the meter readings you’ve sent us
  • Readings we’ve had from meter reader visits
  • Industry data that shows the total energy used in your home over the last few years
  • Weather forecasts and data from your area
  • The time of year (energy use often changes from winter to summer months)

If you haven’t sent us meter readings in a while, we’ll have used estimates which may not be in line with your actual energy use.

If our estimates are too low and you then send us a reading, you may end up with debt on your account as our estimates have not covered the amount of energy you’ve used. So it’s best to send us monthly readings or readings just before your bill is due.

Along with estimated readings, we sometimes get readings from other sources. Find out more here.

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