Re-positioning Your Meter

If you would like to change the position of your meter, (perhaps you are doing some renovations or it's simply too difficult to access) then if we're your supplier, you're in luck. It may be something that we can help you with.

To find out if we can help, simply contact our customer services. They will ask a few questions to asses if we or another party can carry out the work.

This may be your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) for electricity, or the Gas Transporter for gas. Whether you will have to contact your DNO/Gas Transporter will depend on the size and complexity of the job. For example, on the distance you want to move the meter, if you need to move the mains supply or if there are any obstructions.

*Please be advised, it is illegal for you, or anyone other than your supplier or the networks to try and relocate your meters.


    If you want to move the meter less than 1.5 metres on the same wall, and there are no obvious obstructions then it is possible that you will not need to move the mains supply.

    We will ask you to send us some photos, showing the current position of the meter and where you would like to move it to. Once we have reviewed the photos and information provided about your relocation, we will let you know if this is something we can do. If not, you will need to contact the networks (mentioned above).

    If it is a job our engineers can carry out, then one of our customer services team will help you to book an appointment. You will receive confirmation from us once the job is booked. It can take a little time to confirm engineer availability and the booking, therefore the appointment may be a while in the future.

    Once the booking is made, we will give you a 4-hour window during which the appointment will happen. You need to make sure someone over 18 will be on site and the meter is easily accessible. You may also be asked to confirm if parking is available.


    If you are planning on moving your meter more than 1.5 metres, even if it is on the same wall, or relocating it on a different wall, then you will have to contact your DNO or Gas Transporter. This can end up being quite a big job as they may have to add new cables/pipes.

    You can find out exactly who to contact and how to get hold of them at the bottom of the page.

    When you contact them, you will need to provide some information:

    • Your full address and name of the property owner.
    • Your MPAN (Elec)/MPRN (Gas) number - these can be found on one of your bills from us.
    • Any details you can give about where you want the meter to be moved to.


    You may also need us as your supplier to attend to reconnect the meter once it has been moved. So please confirm this with the network operator and then contact us as soon as you have details of the appointment.

    Please note that if we reconnect the meter we may need to see some documentation before reconnecting the supply to your house. For example, a Gas or Electricity Safety Certificate or a completion certificate that building work has finished. Please be aware that our engineers cannot provide these to you.

    Our meter engineers need to make sure they are leaving meters in safe conditions. If for example they need to cap the gas supply to your property after reconnecting the meter, you will need to contact a Gas Safety Engineer to get this uncapped at your own cost.



    If you are signed up to our PSR then there are certain situations where we may be able to help cover some of the costs (e.g. if you have a Pay as You Go meter that you are unable to access).

    If you wish to find out if you are eligible for PSR then please click here.


    1. Electricity
    • SSE: 0800 048 3516
    • SP Energy Networks (Central and Southern Scotland): 0845 270 0785
    • SP Energy Networks (CHESHIRE, MERSEYSIDE, N. WALES & N.SHROPSHIRE): 0845 270 0783
    • Electricity Northwest: 0800 195 4141
    • Western Power Distribution (Midlands: 0121 623 9007
    • Western Power Distribution (South Wales): 01792 784 509
    • Western Power Distribution (South West): 01208 892 288
    • UK Power Networks: 0800 029 4280
    • Northern Powergrid: 0800 011 3433
    • Northern Ireland Electricity: 03457 643 643


    Electricity Distribution


    2. Gas

    • SGN: 0800 912 1700
    • Northern Gas Networks: 0800 040 7766
    • Cadent: 0345 835 1111
    • Wales and West Utilities: 0800 0726 814
    • Gas Networks Ireland: +353 66 9791962


    Gas Distribution

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