Opening Meter Reads

When you switch to Green Network we will ask for your opening meter reads. You can submit these up to 5 days before or after your switch date.

Opening reads are important as it ensures you’re paying the right supplier for the energy you’ve used.

If we do not receive opening reads from you, we will use estimates based on your previous supplier’s read history.


    Once we have received your opening reads they are sent to an independent third party for validation, this is a standard industry process. The third party will check that the reads you provided are roughly what they would expect based on all the information they hold about your supply.

    Once the checks have been made, if the reads are validated they will be sent back to both us and your previous supplier and we can start billing your account.

    Reads may fail validation if they differ significantly from an older reading, or if they are lower and not in line with an older reading.

    If the reads do not pass validation or if we do not receive any opening reads from you, estimates will be generated based on your previous supplier's read history.

    The validation process can take up to 4 weeks from when we’ve received your reads and timings may vary slightly for gas and electric as they go through different companies.

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