Moving your energy meters

The process for getting your meters moved will depend on where you wish to move them. Most of the time, it will be something we can help you with. But if the cables or pipes need to be altered, your local network operator will need to be involved too.

Remember, never try to move the meter yourself – it’s illegal and dangerous.

Please email us a clear photo of your meter’s current location and surroundings to including details about where you would like to move it.

We are unable to move the meter from an inside location to an outside location, even if this is on the same wall. If this is required, you will need to contact your local network operator first to arrange a service relocation.

One of our customer care team will review your request within 10 working days. If it’s something we can do, you will be contacted to discuss your availability for an engineer to attend.

Before your appointment, you will need to make sure that:

  • Someone over the age of 18 is home and can stay throughout the appointment
  • The meter getting moved is clear and easily accessible
  • There is somewhere nearby that the engineer can park

If for any reason we are unable to help move your meter the short distance, we will let you know, and you will need to contact your network operator. You can find out who this is on the Networks Association website.

You will need to contact your energy network operator to arrange the move, as they may need to add new cables and pipes.

Make sure you have the following when contacting them:

  • Full address and name of the property owner
  • MPAN (Electricity number) and MPRN (Gas number), found on page two of your bill or on your online account
  • Details on where you want your meter moved to

Once your local network operator has confirmed your appointment, please let us know as we might have to re-connect your meter once it has been moved. Please provide us with the reference number given by your local network operator.

If your meter is on the ground, your local network operator will need to adjust the piping before it can be moved. You can find out who your network operator is by typing in your postcode on the Energy Networks Association website.

If you are signed up to our PSR, then we may be able to help cover some of the costs. For example, if you have a prepayment meter that you are unable to access.

Find out here if you are eligible for the PSR.

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