I’ve given you my meter reads, what next?

Opening Read

When you switch to Green Network Energy we will ask for your electricity and gas opening readings. We’ll then send them out to the ‘Industry’ so they can be checked against the historic readings for your meter.

Both readings should come back within 6 weeks. However, electricity and gas readings are checked and validated by different companies. This means that when the industry sends them back to us and your old supplier, they might not come back together.

As soon as your old supplier gets your validated readings, they’ll use this to calculate your final bill and then return any outstanding credit to you. Even if you have a dual fuel agreement, you might get separate final statements and even one before the other. It’s not ideal and the industry is trying to improve.

If there’s ever a reading dispute, your old supplier might not send out your final statement until things are sorted – and that can take up to 12 weeks.

Closing Reads

The process works very similarly to opening reads however, the big difference is we will be waiting for your closing meter read to be sent to us. As soon as we get validated readings, we’ll generate your final statement. Depending on when we get the reads you might get separate final statements and possibly one before the other.

If there’s ever a reading dispute, you might have to wait up to 12 weeks to get your final statement. We’ll try to resolve things much sooner than that.

Regular Meter Reads

Keep us up to date, to keep your account up to date.

We’ll use the regular meter reads you send to us to keep your account up to date. You can send us as many reads as you like but we will email you when we need reads to help with your statements.

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