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How can a smart meter help me save energy? 

Your smart meter and in-home display are excellent ways to understand your energy consumption.  

The in-home display shows you how much electricity you are using in real time. It also allows you to view your electricity and gas usage over previous days, weeks and months so you can see how it changes over time.   Here are some useful tips on how you can use your in-home display to save energy: 

  • Watch your in-home display while you turn different appliances on and off, to understand how much energy they use. 
  • See how much electricity your home is using when you turn off all the appliances you can (just not the fridge!). This will show you the standby usage you should be aiming for. You can then check your in-home display when you leave home to quickly spot if you have left something on.   
  • If you make a change at home, like buying LED light bulbs or an energy efficient appliance, you can look at your historical energy usage before the change and see how much you are saving.  
  • You can set energy usage targets on your in-home display. This can then encourage your family or housemates to reduce their energy consumption. 

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