Understanding Your Meter Read History

When managing your account online, you can view your meter reading history since you joined Green Network Energy. The ‘Source’ column shows where the reading has come from and there are several different possible sources.

meter readings ssp

Below is a list of possible sources and a short description of each.


  • Reads submitted via our self-service portal, app, over the phone or sent to customer services by email.
  • Occasionally we may receive a data flow, from an industry party that says it contains a customer read.

MMR (Manual Meter Read):

  • For the gas industry, this indicates a meter reader visited the property and took the reading.
  • For the electricity industry, this may mean a meter reader visited the property and took the reading or that a read has been calculated by the electricity industry and a site visit did not take place.


  • Normally an estimated read generated by our billing system is based on the data we have for the meter. This may include data provided by third parties and/or previous customer reads.


  • A read calculated by the gas industry such as a deemed read. For example, if there are no opening reads available.

SMR (Smart Meter Read): 

  • A read automatically sent from a smart meter.

AMR (Automatic Meter Read):

  • A read from a meter that transmits reads by itself (but doesn't have all the features of a smart meter).

Keep track of your bills

You can view your bills, download PDF copies and check the date/amount of your next payment and view previous payments.

If you’d like more information on how to read the different types of smart meters, follow this link: How to read your meter


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