Why Am I Seeing a Warning Message?

When you submit your Meter Readings, our system carries out validation checks based on your previous history and/or information we have about your meter’s consumption history.

  • For Electricity, we use the Estimated Annual Consumption (EAC).
  • And for Gas, we use the Estimated Annual Quantity (AQ).

EACs and AQs are industry estimates of usage based on the meter type, property type, historical consumption data, meter reads and other information including weather data.


    This enables our system to estimate, within thresholds, what we expect your consumption and therefore your readings will be.

    The validations are designed to try and prevent mistakes, for example using too few or too many digits from being used as your readings. Sometimes, if your actual usage differs a lot from the estimated usage it can prevent genuine readings from being submitted. This is when you might see a warning message appear when you submit readings via the online portal.



    The warnings provide you with information about why we have been unable to accept your readings:

    • If the readings are much lower or much higher than expected, then you will be provided with the information and asked if you want to proceed.
    • If the readings are correct then click ‘YES’ and your reading will be submitted (see example below). The readings may still require industry validation and may take a few days before they appear in your reading history.



    If you have made a mistake with your reading, click ‘NO’ and you’ll have the chance to enter the correct readings. Currently, this functionality is only available on our online portal. We are working on introducing it into future releases of our mobile app, so stay tuned.

    If the reading is identical to a previous reading or lower than a previous reading, you will not be able to submit it and you’ll need to contact our customer services to resolve the issue.


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