Why has my switch been delayed?

Why has my switch been delayed?
Sadly, things don't always go according to plan. 
We aim to get your supply switched in 21 days from receiving your application but sometimes there are delays. You can find some of the most common causes below:
Missing Information
Sometimes, especially when we receive information from price comparison sites, we may be missing some information such as address details, meter numbers or meter details. We’ll get in touch to try to get this information if you switch directly with us. If you have switched through a price comparison site most of the time they will get back in touch with you.
Some information doesn't match
To try to make sure we’re switching the right meter and person we match the details provided by you or the price comparison site against a national database to find your meter details. The database contains the information for over 50 million domestic meters. Sometimes these details don’t match and we have to do further investigation. This might include us asking you for pictures of your meter or previous statements. If you have both electricity and gas, we might only have problems with one of the meters. This means one switch happens more quickly than the other, however we’ll do everything we can to avoid this.
Meter reading problems
When you switch to us, we ask for your electricity and gas opening readings to make sure your first bill is as accurate as possible. These readings are then checked against the meter readings from your previous energy supplier/s by a third party. Sadly validated readings are not always returned together, and sometimes there are disputes. When there are delays or disputes it may mean that your supply start date for one or both fuels is delayed. However we aim to keep you up to date if this happens.
Your old supplier objects
Your old supplier may object to or block your switch, for example if you have built up a debt with them. This can lead to an energy switch delay or the application being withdrawn if their objection is upheld. If you’re able to resolve things quickly with your old supplier it might not cause any delays. But when objections are upheld we may have to cancel any applications and then restart them once they’re resolved. This could involve your registering with us again.
If you have applied for a dual fuel switch (both gas and electricity) and we receive an objection for only one of the fuels, we will normally not continue with the other application. It’s not always possible but we do this to try to avoid customers ending up with two different suppliers, missing out on any discounts and finding themselves on tariffs they would not necessarily have applied for if they just wanted to switch one fuel.
You are with an Independent Gas Transporter (IGT)
Most homes in Great Britain are connected directly to the National Grid. However there are a high number of homes in remote areas, or in new housing developments for example that are connected to Independent Gas Transporters (IGT). The IGT is responsible for maintaining the pipework and this doesn’t mean you can’t switch. However it may take longer for some of the industry messages to be sent and received. This is particularly the case for sending and validating opening meter reads.
If you don't know whether you are connected to an IGT or not, you can find out by checking your meter point reference number (MPRN). If it starts with 74, 75, 76 or 77, your gas is delivered by an IGT. If it starts with any other number, you’re on the National Grid or with one of the other Gas Distribution Networks.

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