What happens when I switch?

We want to make switching to us as easy as possible. You can get a quote quickly and easily by clicking on ‘Get a Quote’ where you can also sign up. It will take about five minutes to sign up online.
Unlike other suppliers and switching sites, we will only tell you how much you can save if you give us the right information. We don’t believe in showing you ‘potential big savings’ based against the Big 6 and averages – which aren’t actually real to you.
After you’ve decided to join Green Network Energy we’ll contact your current supplier for you and get you switched across to us as smoothly as possible.
We will send you a Welcome Pack that contains lots of great information, including details about your tariff, where to find our Codes of Conduct and the Terms and Conditions of your agreement.
In the first 14 days after you agree to switch during the ‘cooling off period’ you can change your mind. However, you will need to let us know by calling our customer services.
Once the cooling off period ends we will do everything we can to complete the rest of the switch as quickly as possible. We aim to complete the switch within three to four weeks of your agreeing to join us, inclusive of your cooling off period.

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