Where does your 100% renewable electricity come from?

For our Family Green tariffs, every unit of electricity we supply can be matched to a renewable source through Renewable Electricity Guarantee of Origin certificates (REGOs).

In the UK, electricity is generated from a variety of sources, such as gas, nuclear, coal and renewables like solar, hydro, wind, biomass.

Whichever way the electricity gets generated, it all gets mixed up on the National Grid – renewables and fossil fuels alike.

No supplier can guarantee that the energy powering your home is directly from renewable sources*. So we make sure that there is the same amount of renewable energy going into the grid as you take out.
Ofgem, the energy regulator, give renewable generators REGO certificates for the electricity they generate. Renewable generators can sell these certificates along with the electricity to energy suppliers. The renewable certificates we buy are then independently reviewed and verified by Ofgem.
Buying these REGO certificates helps drive investment in renewable generation. It also helps us transition to a greener gird, by ensuring renewable energy keeps getting put back in. You can find out more about REGOs here.


*Unless your home generates it's own energy, through solar panels for example.

Yes, we supply 33% renewable electricity as standard on our standard variable and prepayment tariffs.

Our fixed Family Green tariffs include 100% renewable electricity. In recent years we’ve used a combination of renewable sources including onshore wind, biomass, and hydro.

In the future, we aim to supply all our electricity from renewable sources, as well as offering our customers green gas and the choice to carbon offset. This is part of our mission to provide our customers green, clean energy at fair prices to power their homes and businesses.

So why not join the family?

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