Can I change to a different tariff once I switch?

Can I change to a different tariff?

Yes, It is possible to change tariffs, however there a few things you’ll need to consider before you make your decision.
If you’re already on supply or outside of your cooling off period and you’re on a fixed term agreement, you will have to pay exit fees to leave it early, even if you’re switching to a new tariff with us.  This won’t apply if you’re in the end of contract period – this is 49 days before your contract is due to end.
If you’re switching to another fixed term tariff, you’ll start a new agreement. Normally this would be for 12 months but it depends on the tariffs we have on offer at the time.
Your new agreement will have a 14-day cooling off period and will not start until after this cooling off period ends. If the new agreement is cancelled during this time you will revert to your previous tariff.
Why do I have to pay exit fees for switching between tariffs?
When joining the Green Network Energy family on a fixed price, fixed term agreement we buy energy for the fixed period in advance. You're protected against changes to wholesale prices or network charges for that period. The unit rates and standing charges of your chosen tariff will not change.
If you switch tariffs at different points in the year, we are potentially left with unsold energy. This is because we buy energy for the new agreements at different prices. Therefor exit fees provide protection for us when customers switch to other tariffs or suppliers.
Can I change to a different tariff during my cooling off period?
Simply put, yes. However, if you sign up with us for one tariff and then during your cooling off period decide on a different one, we can’t transfer you to your new choice. You’ll need to cancel your first agreement, wait a few days and then re-register with us.
Why Do I Have to Re-Register?
When you apply to switch, we give you a supply start date, (normally 21 calendar days) and start sending messages out to the energy industry to get you switched on this date. These messages are sent between various places in the energy market, including your old supplier. This is so that there are clear records of which supplier is supplying each meter.
During your 14-day cooling off period you can change your mind about the tariff you have chosen. In these circumstances, we would cancel or withdraw your registration.
Currently, to help speed up the process, the 21 day switching timeline includes your cooling off period. If you choose a different Green Network Energy tariff, we must restart your cooling off period, meaning you would have a further 14 days to cancel this new contract.
Can you use my original supply date if I switch agreements? 
Unfortunately, we cannot use your original supply start date from your first agreement (21 days). This is because there is a risk that we would receive confirmation that we’re taking over / taken over your supply during your new cooling off period, whilst you still had the option to cancel.
If we became your supplier and you then chose to cancel during your restarted cooling off period, then we would have to cancel your agreement. We are then left in a situation of you being supplied by a company you didn’t want and Green Network Energy supplying meters with no agreement in place.
To move your supply away from Green Network Energy you would need to switch to another supplier. This can take up to 35 days, or we may have to return you to your old supplier via an ‘Erroneous Transfer’ process, which can take 6-8 weeks.
To avoid these risks, if you cancel your agreement for any reason during your cooling off period, our policy is to cancel everything. If you want a different Green Network Energy tariff you would need to register again after a few days.
Why do I have to wait to re-register?
Unfortunately to cancel/stop the switching process, we may need to send messages to the industry. We then have to wait for confirmation that the cancellation has been successfully processed. This can take a few days and until we receive confirmation we are unable to restart a new registration.
As all the tariffs we offer are subject to change, this may mean that the tariffs available on the day you cancel are no longer available when you re-register a few days later. Whilst we appreciate this may be annoying, our policy is in place to prevent Green Network Energy becoming your supplier during your cooling off period.


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