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Payments and Bills

  • Can I change the date of my first payment collection?

    For the first collection, we won’t be able to change your first Direct Debit collection which will be set to be collected on your supply start date. Thereafter, if you contact a member of our team, we would be more than happy to help in re-arranging a more convenient collection date for you.

  • Why have I had a payment come out on my supply start date / why do you take payments in advance?

    We ask you to pay in advance for your energy because we buy the energy in advance to give you the best available price. To offer you a fixed price for a year or longer, we buy or secure the majority of the energy you will need for the length of your contract in advance before you have used it. We then charge you an equal amount each month. This means that over the full contract, in some months you will use more energy than you have paid for and in other months you will use less; therefore, this should balance out over the contract term.

    We believe this helps you with budgeting as it should prevent you receiving higher bills in some months and lower bills in others. Twice a year, or whenever we realise that you are consuming less or more energy than expected, we adjust your monthly payment to ensure you won’t end up in debt or in credit at the end of the contract.

    When switching to Green Network Energy, your first payment will be taken on your supply start date. As this is a payment made in advance, you will not be paying twice for the same energy used in a month.

  • I agreed a fixed contract, why am I paying more? / Adequacy

    You are charged a certain amount per unit of energy used and per day for standing charge, the amount quoted at the time of applying calculates what you would expect to pay based on how much energy you say that you use. However, if you use more or less than the annual consumption you noted at the time of getting a quote, then the Direct Debit may need to be amended to reflect this. This is to avoid you will end up with debt or credit at the end of your contract. When you get a quote, it is not a contract for a fixed amount per month by Direct Debit, but instead is fixing the price you pay per unit of energy and standing charge for the meter.

    We use meter readings, weather information and other industry data to reassess your account and payments at least twice a year. This helps us make changes to Direct Debit amounts (up or down). However, on a fixed contract the actual price you pay for the units of energy won’t change. We will review Direct Debits every 6 months and the amount will only change if you use more or less energy than you told us. Further information on this can be found within the Welcome Pack sent by Green Network Energy.

     Therefore, your Direct Debit payments will need to stay at the amount we have calculated.

    If this calculation was based on estimated reads, we can review your Direct Debit payments again if you can provide us with up to date meter reads.

     If you are struggling to keep up with your Direct Debit payments, then please do get in contact.

     At Green Network Energy we understand that occasionally a customer may have problems paying their bill. If you are having difficulties paying your bill, then by getting in touch we can find a way to help.

     Our customer care team is available via:

     Website: Fill in our online contact form in the Contact Us section

     Phone: Contact customer services on 0800 520 02 02. Lines are open Monday to Friday 08:00 – 18:30 and Saturday 09:00 – 13:00.

  • What are unit rate and standing charges?

    Our prices for your energy are set out in the tariff you selected and contain two charges:

    • A ‘standing charge’ – which is a fixed daily amount and;
    • A ‘unit rate’ – an amount per unit of gas or electricity you use

    If you have a fixed-price tariff then your prices will not increase for the duration of that fixed term and your welcome pack will tell you when the fixed-price term ends.

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  • How often will I receive bills or statements?

    Your payments will be taken monthly, however we will send you a statement showing your usage and all payments made once every three months.

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Information About Switching

  • Can I change/choose my Supply Start Date with you?

    From the day that you register to switch to us, a process begins in which some of the information from your old supplier is passed to us. This whole process takes 21 days and cannot be amended to be sooner or later. It is worth noting that if you are in a fixed tariff with your actual supplier which is coming to an end, it forms part of a fixed energy contract that you will be able to switch without any early termination fees up to 42 or 49 days before the end date.

    *If your concern is related in paying exit fees to your current supplier, please be aware that according to our regulator OFGEM, customers can switch without paying exit fees from 49 days before the end of their contract. You should receive a notice from your current supplier between 42 and 49 days before the end date of your agreement to inform you that your tariff is coming to an end. You can see detailed information related to this on the OFGEM website: https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/simpler-clearer-fairer/fairer-treatment*

  • How do I get a quote?

    You can get a quote quickly and easily by clicking on ‘Get a Quote’ where you can also sign up. It will take about five minutes to sign up online. Alternatively, you can contact our customer services on 0800 520 02 02 to get a quote easily.

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  • How do I cancel my registration?

    In the first 14 days after you agree to switch during the ‘cooling off period’ you can change your mind; however, you will need to let us know by calling customer services.

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  • How much of Green Network Energy’s tariffs are sourced from renewable energy?

    We were established in Italy 15 years ago where we own and operate renewable energy generation. In the UK, the extra you pay for our green tariffs helps us to support renewable providers by purchasing certified renewable electricity directly from them.

    In this way, you help fund investment in additional renewable generation. Our Green Tariffs are 100% certified renewable electricity sourced within the UK.

Manage My Account Online

  • Why have I not received any correspondence?

    If you are not receiving any communication from Green Network Energy, we would recommend that you initially check the junk folder of your email. We have no control over what servers separate into your junk folder and unfortunately, we have found that some of our correspondence can end up here.

    If you use multiple email addresses, you may want to check alternative inboxes to see if this is the one you used to set up your account with Green Network Energy.

    If you have tried the above and are still not seeing any correspondence from Green Network Energy, we would ask that you please contact us on 0800 520 0202 so that we can investigate this further.

  • How to register My Account online?

Moving Home

Smart Meters

  • Can you operate Smart Meters that were installed by other suppliers?

    At the moment, we are unable to support the functionality of first generation smart meters that were installed by other suppliers.

    There are some changes going on across the energy industry that mean in the coming months we will be able to operate smart meters that were installed by other suppliers. These industry-wide changes should be complete by the middle of 2019, at which point we will be able to operate smart meters previously installed by other suppliers. Any smart meters installed towards the end of 2018 will be new generation ones (SMETS2) which we will be able to be operate, even if installed by other suppliers.

  • Do you install Smart Meters?

    Currently, Green Network Energy cannot support the functionality of first generation smart meters installed by other suppliers. We have started installing the new generation of our smart meter (SMETS2) for select customers and are currently testing these. We will contact most of our customers to offer them a smart meter during 2019 and all customers will be offered a smart meter by the end of 2020.

    Our intention is to provide the best service to you and we need to take some time to select and develop the technology and approach to do this.

    Further information regarding smart meters can be found here.

Meters And Meter Reading

  • Why does GNE use Third Party Meter Agents?

    We use third-party meter agents to periodically check your meter and take accurated meter readings from you. They work by postcode and usually visit every 6 months or so. However, we do not know the specific dates in advance to notify you when this will be.

    If they can’t access your meter to take the readings, the agents may leave a card at your property with a phone number and a website where you can submit your readings. They may call you instead for the same purpose.

    We also use third party engineers to install and maintain electricity and / gas meters on our behalf.

    You can read more about our third party involvement in your Tariff Terms & Conditions.

    GNE’s Third Party Meter Agents:

    Lowri Beck

    We use Lowri Beck to take periodic readings at your property.

    Their engineers also install, maintain and replace  non-smart electricity and / gas meters.

    National Grid Metering

    They fit, maintain and replace non-smart gas meters.

    National Grid Smart

    National Grid Smart and their contractors fit smart meters on our behalf.


    We use SSE engineers to install, maintain and replace non-smart electricity meters in Northern Scotland.

  • What happens if I have a smart meter?

    Currently, if you have a smart meter installed and you switch to us, we will treat it like we would a normal meter. We will ask you for regular meter readings to keep your account up to date. You’ll be able to give us readings through the ‘My Account’ section or by calling our customer care team.

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  • I’ve given you my meter reads, what happens next?

Renewing Your Tariff

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