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Want to save up to £260 on your energy bills? Follow these smart tips from the Energy Saving Trustreducing your energy use around your home is easier than you think! 

  1. Turn off your lights  

Make sure you turn off the lights – even just for a few seconds. It could save you £15 a year. 

2. Replace your bulbs with LEDs  

Switching your lights to LEDs could knock £40 off your bill annually.  

3. Turn your thermostat down  

Turn it down by 1 degree and it could save you £60 a year. 

4. Use a bowl for washing up  

Turning the tap off and using a bowl for washing up could save you £25.  

5. Fill the kettle carefully  

Only fill up the kettle with the water you need – it will save you £6 a year. 

6. Switch appliances off standby  

You could save £35 a year just by turning your TV’s, Microwaves, and other appliances off standby.  

7. Draught proof your doors and windows  

Don’t let your heat escape through the cracks, check for draughty windows and doors and save £25 a year.  

8. Cutback on your washing machine use 

By doing just one less cycle a week, you could save £8 a year on energy.  

9. Change your shower head 

Installing an energy-efficient shower head could save a four-person household £38 a year on gas.  

10. Have a quicker shower 

Challenge yourself to spend one minute less in the shower and save £8 on your bills.  

Source: Energy Saving Trust


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