Saving energy with your In-Home Display and smart meter

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In-Home Display (IHD) or smart meter? 

You will have been offered an In-Home Display at no extra cost when your smart meter was installed. An In-Home Display is a small device with a touchscreen that shows you data about your energy use  

The IHD is linked to your gas and/electricity smart meter. Smart meters are replacing traditional meters, as they send readings automatically to your supplier, reducing estimated bills.  

Together, your smart meter and In-Home Display (IHD) can help you better understand your energy consumption and costs.  

Why was I offered an In-Home Display? 

We must offer everyone an In-Home Display with their smart meters 

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (now BEIS), found that In-Home Displays are the most accessible to the most amount of people in helping to reduce energy use. 

You don’t need to be tech-savvy or have home WiFi to use it. You can simply plug it in at home and start seeing how much energy you’re using and have previously used.   

Each supplier offers different In-Home Displays. But no matter who installed your smart meters, your IHD will at least show:  

  • Your electricity and/gas usage in pounds and pence or kWh  
  • Your electricity and/gas usage inear real-timehourly, weekly, or monthly  
  • A comparison of your energy usage today to the previous week, month, or year  
  • Your energy spend for the current billing period 

How can I use my In-Home Display to save energy?  

  • See how much energy your home is currently using by looking at the electricity speedometer or gas flame.  
  • Look at your IHD when only your essential appliances are on, like your fridge or freezer. This will show you the standard cost per hour for keeping your home running.  
  • Now, turn on different appliances around the house to see how they change your standard energy use. You may be surprised about what appliances are the most energy-guzzling.  
  • Set a monthly budget to remind yourself and your family to keep track of your energy use. 
  • Check your IHD before leaving the house. Use the speedometer or gas flame to find if you’ve left appliances or lights on.  
  • If you make a home improvement, like installing LEDs, look at your historical energy use and see how much energy you’re now saving 

Watch this video by Smart Energy GB to see how to get the most out of your smart meter.