What happens when I switch?

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After getting a quote and signing up to one of our tariffs, we’ll contact your current supplier and begin the switching process.

We’ll start supplying you around 21 days from when you first signed up.

We’ll send you an email with a welcome pack explaining your tariff details, your expected switch date, your first payment date and your Direct Debit amount if applicable.

You can then register your online account so you can start managing your energy as soon as you’re switched.

In the first 14 days after you agree to switch, you can change your mind and stop your switch without incurring exit fees. Simply let us know via phone on 0800 520 0202 if you wish to change anything.

You’ll then have 10 days from our request to send your opening reads.

These readings get sent to the industry to be checked, making sure that they are in line with past records.

If the readings pass the checks, they’ll be sent on to your old supplier to calculate your final bill and used by us to open your account. This makes sure you don’t pay for the same energy twice.

Estimates are calculated by looking at the historical energy use along with other industry data we have for the property. So they are normally in line with your actual energy usage.

But if you don’t agree with the estimated reading being used, we can ‘dispute’ this. Find out how on our opening meter reads article.

Once the cooling-off period ends, and your opening meter readings are validated, we will open your account.

We will take your first payment on or around your switch date so your account can open in credit.

You should receive this from your old supplier, along with any outstanding credit within six weeks.

However, this process may take longer if there has been a meter reading dispute.

Energy Switch Guarantee

We’re signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee to make sure the switching process is smooth and hassle free for our customers.

The switch guarantee outlines our commitment to you as well as what your old supplier is responsible for.