How to send your opening meter reading

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If you have recently switched to us, we’ll email you asking to provide an opening meter reading five days before your switch. You then have 10 days in which to send the opening read. 

If we don’t receive an opening reading from you in time, an estimated reading will be used to open your account. This will also be used to produce your final bill with your old supplier. 

To send your opening reading: 

  1. Log in to your GNE account  
  2. Go to the Meter readings tab 
  3. Click Submit meter reading 
  4. Select the date, enter the reading and click submit! 

Not registered your account yet? 

If you have not used your GNE account yet, you'll need to register using your GNE account number and supply postcode. Find out how to register your account

Once we have received your opening reads, they are sent to an independent meter validation company as part of the standard industry process.

They’ll use historic meter reads and your expected consumption to calculate the expected read, with some tolerance ranges applied.

If the reading is within the expected range, it will be accepted. This then gets sent to your old supplier to close your account and to your new supplier to open your account.

But, if the opening reads differ significantly from what’s expected, it will be rejected, and an estimate will be calculated for both suppliers to use.

The whole process can take up to six weeks. This is from when we receive your readings, to a reading (either validated or an estimate) being sent to your old supplier.