What is a Deemed Tariff?

If your business energy is supplied by us and there is no agreed contract, you'll be placed on a "deemed contract". The deemed tariff rates can be applied in 2 different situations:

  1. If your business has moved into premises supplied by us and we have not agreed on a business energy contract.
  2. If your energy contract with us remains beyond the contract end date and the renewals rates offered are not accepted.

As referenced in our Terms and Conditions, we're obliged to give a notice of our deemed tariff rates. You'll receive a termination notice 60 days before the end of your contract. In this email, you will find an offer for the renewal of your current energy plan or other renewals options.

However, if your business energy remains supplied by Green Network Energy and you haven't agreed to a new contract, our deemed rates will be applied.

Please give us a call if you're currently being charged deemed tariff rates for your gas and/or electricity supply, so we can discuss any potential new offers available for you.

You can call our customer care team on 0800 520 01 01, Monday to Friday, 08:00 – 18:30 and Saturday 09:00 – 13:00 or email to us at support@greennetworkenergy.co.uk.

For further information, please review our Terms and Conditions.

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