When do I provide my first meter reading(s)?

Congratulations! You've joined Green Network Energy.

When you join us it’s important to provide meter readings, once we are your supplier. This is known as your opening read.

Ideally this should be for the day we start supplying you. We can also accept your opening read up to 5 days before and 5 days after your supply start date.

If you need to re-confirm your supply start date you can find this on your welcome pack emailed to you.  If you provide a meter reading after your supply start date you will need to do this by phone and not email.

To help, we will send you an email reminder as part of the switching process, when it is time to submit your reading.

When we receive your reading, it is sent for validation by independent third parties against the meter read history. Once validated we’ll use it to open your account and it will also be sent to your old supplier to close your old account.

Keep in mind that if you don’t submit an opening read within the correct timeframe, an estimated read, provided by the industry third parties, will be used to open your account and your old supplier will use it to close your account.

It is sometimes possible to dispute estimated opening reads if there is a large enough variance between the actual read and the estimate. But, it may not always be successful. If the variance is too small, as determined by industry guidelines, we may not be able to raise a dispute.


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