How can I provide my meter readings?

Submitting regular meter readings will help to improve the accuracy of your bills.

Currently, the quickest way to submit your readings is by calling our customer care team on 0800 520 01 01. You can also email your readings to (business customers only). However, please note that we may not be able to process your email for up to five working days, so we recommend calling.

Multi-sites businesses can submit their readings in the same way, however it is important that you provide the Meter Serial Number for each meter point, so we can charge you correctly for your energy consumption.
The Meter Serial Number is unique to your meter and it appears on the front of your meter and on your energy invoices.

We also sometimes get readings from other sources, such as meter readers or directly from the energy industry.

Since there are several different types, if you need some help on how to read your meter, please look at:

Standard Meters or Smart Meters.

However, if you are unsure about meter reading, make a note of the meter serial number shown on the front of the meter and get in touch with our customer care team, on 0800 520 01 01.

You can also take photographs of your meter and email us on

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