Problems with My Bill

If you believe that you are being billed incorrectly, please check:

  1. If your bill is based on an estimated reading. If this is the case, the letter “E” will be displayed next to your Current Reading. Please keep in mind that for an accurate bill you must submit your meter readings, otherwise you will receive an estimated bill. Estimated readings are based on your past energy consumption.
  2. If your bill was estimated on an actual reading, check if the meter reading provided by you matches with the one displayed on your bill.
  3. The dates of your invoice.
  4. If your meter serial number matches with the one that is displayed on your bill.

If there is still a problem with your bill, please contact our Customer Care team who will be happy to assist you.

To ensure absolute accuracy in your energy invoice, please submit your meter readings regularly by calling our customer care team.

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